Editorial Policy

At NewsABC, we focus on maintaining high journalistic standards to furnish unique and quality news and articles to our readers. Our writers agree to these terms and conditions, and if not followed, their article could be rejected by us. If you are anxious to join us and want us to showcase your writing skills, you will enter in a contract with us accepting all the required policy must be followed.

Originality :

We look forward to 100 % original articles. Every article must pass plagiarism checks. Our Writer must send only original content, and it will only be posted after approval checks by the editors. We are focused on the writing content that gives our readers value, along with the trust of truthfulness. Articles containing plagiarism or spun from will be rejected immediately.

Claims and Data:

We make sure that whatever data is getting published on our website is already obtainable in the public domain and verified by relevant sources. Writers must have to disclose the data, claims & statistics to an appropriate website, where it is shared previously. All the data concerning finance must be examined before publishing in the article. We make sure to look for concrete evidence about the claims. The Writer must have to include pictures, graphs, and screenshots to prove the claims. If there is no substantial evidence behind the claims, then the article is discarded.

Value, Portions, and marketing :

All the articles are written must carry value for our beloved readers. We aim to furnish the latest and authentic news to our readers. All the articles must be completely unbiased, and there should be no marketing or promotion of the market, company, and currency. The titles, headings, and subheadings must remain straightforward and unbiased. We steadily discourage the use of the promotional or marketing links on our articles.

Acceptance of the article:

The acceptance of the article is the sole discretion of the editorial board. The Editorial board can either accept or reject the articles without sharing any explanation. The Editorial Board will inform the Writer once articles are accepted. Each decision by the editorial board will be dyed in the wool and irrevocable to all the writers.

News Writing :

When it comes to writing news, the Writer must have to verify the same from credible sources and share the solid pieces of evidence behind the news. We focus on the authenticity of each news before publishing on our website. We believe you must follow all the policies for generating qualitative and worthy content for our readers.