Why Elton John can’t get over the’son’ he had to abandon: Eleven-year-old Ukrainian boy who was denied adoption as a baby recounts how he and the artist are still changing each other’s lives.

Two new bikes are stored in the garage of Lev Ageyev’s modest two-bedroom home, which he shares with his grandmother Yulia.

They are the pride and delight of their owners, 11-year-old Lev and his older brother Artyom, 13, and the envy of the other boys in Mariupol, the Ukrainian industrial city where they live.

The bikes, however, are not their most valued belongings. The honor belongs to the boys’ autographed picture portraits in their bedrooms. Each has the message ‘I Love You,’ and their signatory is Sir Elton John, who also provided their bicycles, which were given to them after an emotional two-hour meeting last year.