This NYC area makes it impossible for older women to find love.

In New York City, are you looking for a single, heterosexual older man? Leave the West Village alone.

Sosi Setian, a 76-year-old divorcee, has given up hope of finding love in the neighborhood where she’s resided for the past eight years.

“I’d prefer someone who lives in my neighborhood because it’s more convenient, but there aren’t many single men my age,” Setian told The Washington Post.

It turns out she was correct. According to, men aged 65 to 70 account for only 2.1% of the West Village population, while men aged 70 to 74 account for only 1.4%. Males in the 10014 ZIP code have a median age of 38.9. The statistics for older women in the West Village are not much better. But, as Setian points out, “the few [men] there may be gay or married, which further reduces my chances.”