“The Godfather of Fitness: Jack LaLanne – Pioneering a Health Revolution”

Do you know who paved the way for the fitness movement in the United States? Meet Jack LaLanne, the man who kickstarted the revolution of intense exercise and nutrition as a lifestyle. Considered the “godfather of fitness,” LaLanne’s influence can still be felt today through his TV shows, books, and gyms.

About Jack Lalanne

Jack LaLanne, a true trailblazer, changed the way we view health, fitness, and nutrition. Born in 1914 in California, LaLanne faced health challenges in his youth, but weightlifting turned his life around. In 1936, he opened the first modern gym in the nation, welcoming regular folks to train, attend classes, and focus on nutrition. This inclusivity was unheard of at the time when fitness was only seen as a pursuit for competitive bodybuilders.