‘Sanford and Son’ Actress Marlene Clark, Dead at 85: ‘An Extraordinary Woman’

Marlene Clark, who also starred in the movies “Slaughter,” “Ganja & Hess,” and “Switchblade Sisters,” passed away on May 18 at her Los Angeles home.

Marlene Clark passed away. She was well remembered for her work on Sanford and Son and Ganja & Hess. She was 85 years old.

The actress passed away on May 18 at her home in Los Angeles, her friend Tamara Lynch said.

According to Lynch, the late actress was “an extraordinary woman,” if you had met her, you would have known that her one quality was grit. She had a very petite build and was extremely skinny. She was so exotic that she almost resembled a Black Polynesian. Then she developed this resonant, deep voice. Her voice had such a commanding quality when she talked.