My Puppy Saved My Leg and Potentially My Life While Chewing My Toe

If you have a dog, you know how they can sometimes surprise you with unexpected behavior. But what happened to 64-year-old David Lindsay from Cambridge, UK, goes beyond surprise. His precious bulldog puppy actually chewed his right big toe down to the bone while he was asleep. It may sound alarming, but this unexpected incident turned out to be a blessing in disguise – saving his leg and potentially his life!

Puppy Chews Man’s Toe To The Bone But Saves Him

One summer day, David was peacefully sleeping on the couch when his wife suddenly started yelling. Startled, he woke up to find his foot covered in blood. His seven-month-old bulldog puppy had chewed his right big toe all the way to the bone, even fracturing it. Surprisingly, David had slept right through it because his foot had gone completely numb. He couldn’t feel anything!