Maureen McCormick of the Brady Family discusses her dark history, which led to her having sex for drugs.

Maureen McCormick portrayed The Brady Bunch’s eldest daughter Marcia Brady. Everyone now has family ambitions, according to the popular television show.

Even though her character was a beam of sunshine with a you-can’t-beat-me attitude, Maureen faced a tough personal battle. Maureen McCormick’s tragic life story is told below.

A difficult childhood

Maureen was a member of the perfect television family, but her own was crumbling. Maureen told Newsweek about her family’s problems. “In the early 1970s, my older brother was struggling with a heroin addiction, and my father was having an affair, all of which shattered my family,” the actress said.

Yet that wasn’t even the worst of it for Maureen. In her memoir, the actress painfully acknowledges that her father was cruel to her. Her home life was nothing like that of the television family she was a part of. It weighed heavily on her.

“As a youngster, I had no concept that few people are everything they portray to the outside world,” writes Maureen. “Yet there I was, hiding the realities of my existence behind Marcia Brady’s illusory perfection… No one suspected the worry that gnawed at me even as I added my voice to the chorus of Bradys singing, ‘It’s a Sunny Day.” ‘

Being afraid of contracting an STD

Maureen told Today’s Meredith Vieira that she feared she had contracted syphilis. Maureen’s grandma died of the condition, and the actress’s mother, Irene, contracted it when she was pregnant. “Growing up, I was sure that I had syphilis. I feared I’d go nuts and end up in a mental institution. It was dreadful, “Maureen agreed.

The death of her mother pushed her over the brink.

Maureen’s mother died of renal cancer in 2004. According to TV Guide, the actress’s mother’s death pushed her over the edge. “My mother had been ailing for a few years, and I had never lost somebody truly dear to me until she died,” she explained to the journalist. This resulted in her self-destruction.

It was difficult to fight addiction.

Maureen freely discussed her problem with drugs following the end of The Brady Family in her 2009 memoir. “I am an addictive person. I am aware of that now.”

Maureen became acquainted with drugs through a lover. Her addiction became so severe that she sought treatment while depending heavily on her faith.

“For the next five years, I was addicted and would do anything to get my hands on the drug,” Maureen continues. Her cocaine addiction became so severe that she began selling sex for narcotics.

Maureen let a man videotape her naked in the Playboy Mansion in exchange for drugs. “I was only interested in having sex and using drugs. I had intercourse to obtain the drugs, “the actress confirmed.

Depression and its ramifications

Even though her struggle with hard drugs was over, Maureen found herself in the midst of another. In her youth, Maureen struggled with anxiety and paranoia.

But, after being diagnosed with depression, the actress came to rely on Prozac, causing yet another massive gap in her life. Fortunately, Maureen stopped the habit before participating in the reality show ‘I’m a Celebrity…’ Get Me Out of Here!’ was released in 2015.

A Battle Against Bulimia

Maureen was candid about how her weight began to bother her as a teenager. The actress struggled with her weight for nearly ten years. Maureen described to People magazine how she started vomiting to lose weight.

“I was with other girls, and we got a gallon of ice cream, and someone claimed we could eat it all and not gain weight,” she explained. “

“It was difficult for me to stop once I started.” Maureen’s appearances on ‘The Love Boat’ and ‘Fantasy Island’ didn’t help.

Adjusting to her new reality

Maureen was always troubled by the knowledge that she was not the innocent Marcia Brady she played on television. Yet as she learned to deal with her reality, she became committed to inspiring others through similar struggles.

“If you have an addictive personality, it’s an illness that you shouldn’t be ashamed of,” Maureen added. “So many people nowadays are still embarrassed to talk about it as if it were a weakness… That’s why we’re all here on Earth, right? To assist one another and to share our experiences because it is how we all heal and improve.”