Irina Shayk Poses In A Bikini For Breathtaking Sunset Shot

Irina Shayk is as eager as many of us for the New Year, which is a few days out. The supermodel noted via Instagram that we all have a few sunsets before 2023 and intends to soak in every moment.

Shayk has a great eye for beauty because her Instagram post captured nature in one of its most enthralling states. Throw in her impressive silhouette, and you have a masterpiece worthy of an art exhibition.

The Last Sunsets Of 2022

Shayk turned her back to the camera, so her front view remained unseen in the shot. The picture showed off her lean physique from her long wet, dark hair reaching her back to her bikini-clad body. She dug her heels into the beach’s sand and gazed at the picturesque sunset.