Golf Star Paige Spiranac’s Story and Her Famous Instagram Photos

Paige Spiranac is a famous American golf player. She started playing when she was a child and immediately became noticed and successful. When she went to study at the University of Arizona, she continued making great results in sports. For her sophomore year, she went to San Diego State University where she received the All-Mountain West Conference honors during the period from 2012-2014.

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Today, apart from being a famous female golf player, she is also an Instagram Influencer followed by 2.4 million people. If you have an Instagram account, you should definitely start following her today.

Golf Is Her Passion

Here, you can see just one of the many beautiful photos published on Paige Spiranac’s Instagram account. It seems that these short skirts are made for her – she simply looks perfect wearing them while enjoying her match.

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When asked to tell something about herself, she says that she is ‘a rising golf talent, media personality, and online influencer’. She considers herself to be on a mission to convince the world that golf is a great sport and that it should be played more.

Fighting Against Bullies

Paige Spiranac claims she has been bullied all her life and that’s why she became an ambassador for the anti-bullying organization called The Cybersmile Foundation. She has been shamed and harassed to this day on social media. As Paige claims, she has even been getting death threats through her social media profiles.

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When complaining about bullying, she has underlined the fact that many people don’t care about her work nor her as a person, they simply see her as an object for harassment. She has mentioned that the last four years have been the worst regarding this issue.

A Child Gymnast

When she was a child, Paige was first a promising gymnast who was training daily. As it often happens with sportsmen, she experienced an injury that forced her to change the sport of her interest, so she picked golf.


Today, it seems that her biggest problem is her beauty since many people blame her for all the assaults she gets claiming that she, with her actions, triggers verbal abuse. It seems that being a beautiful girl these days means being forced to accept cruel criticism together with social media abuse. How fair is that?

At San Diego State University

When studying at the San Diego State University, Paige Spiranac was a captain of the women’s golf team. At that time, she was also a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, which was a great honor.

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So, it is surprising that people these days deny her anything but her beauty. On social media, they see her mostly as a woman rather than as a sportswoman, which she has been all her life. Generally, people have been focusing more on her looks than on her sports achievements.

After the Graduation

While she was at the University, Paige started her Instagram and YouTube channels which are very popular today. She has been working on the promotion of golf but also on raising awareness of the toxic influence of cyber-bullying on a young mind.

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After graduation, she committed herself to achieve great results in her professional golf career. According to her, she has invested some serious effort in her favorite sports to get the results she has always dreamed about.

Professional Tournaments

Today, Paige Spiranac is not a regular LPGA player but even so, she does participate in all the professional golf tournaments. We can see her as a brand ambassador of many famous sports trademarks, for example, Golf Digest, Callaway, Topgolf, and Descents.

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Many people on the internet doubt that she is actually playing golf. Many consider her as an Instagram influencer who is simply hired to advertise some companies selling golf equipment and clothes. The fact that she has been successful in promoting those brands cannot be denied.

A Blogger

Paige Spiranac is an active blogger. She is blogging about fitness, health, and gives beauty tips to her followers. She is probably very influential in this aspect since she herself is a beautiful woman and women love to listen to sincere pieces of advice from a pretty and successful woman.

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Apart from giving honest beauty guidance, Paige also provides some useful information on how to play golf and be successful in it. After all, not many women play this sport and her goal is to make it more popular among the female population.

Sports Model

When Paige Spiranac speaks about herself she says that she is a sports model and a golf ambassador. She also points out her belief that women should be free to express their natural beauty, their sexuality, and not being harassed because of that. She believes in freedom.

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This is the reason she decided to join the Cybersmile Foundation in their fight with online abusers. After all, this is one of the most active organizations fighting this issue. They are a nonprofit organization that is trying to preserve digital wellbeing and facing all forms of abuse and online bullying.

Troublesome Childhood

Being beautiful these days means being forced to hide that beauty to avoid online bullies. Also, one other thing online bullies don’t tolerate is success, so basically, a successful good-looking woman is under constant stress in the online world.

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Even when she was a young girl, Paige experienced bullying. She had some bad luck meeting bullies even in her primary school and this ‘targeting’ continued even to her adulthood. Then she decided to become a voice for all those girls and women experiencing the same harassment.

Women’s Empowerment

In the 21st century, it is really important to protect yourself from ill-intentioned people on the internet. Still, some women are not able to do that on their own, so they need support from famous people who care and who are emphatic.

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Paige Spiranac is working on women’s empowerment. Through her online presence, she has been encouraging women to fight for what they believe in and to be themselves. She has been telling them to simply ignore those malicious people and simply pursue their dreams.

Hosting Events

Paige Spiranac found a few ways to empower young women. She has been hosting various events and frequently posting inspirational messages and videos on her social media channels. That is why she has so many female followers.

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She has been encouraging young women to fight for what they believe in and to chase their dreams regardless of the negative influence they get from the people around them. Paige is advising young women on how to accept themselves and ignore all the malicious comments they might be receiving.

Proudly Posing

In an interview that can be seen on YouTube these days, Paige spoke about her previous experience with bullies. She said how she was ashamed of her body because those bullies made her believe that she was somehow responsible for their behavior.

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Then, one day, she realized that her stream of thoughts went the wrong way and that she couldn’t possibly be responsible for someone else’s behavior. Nowadays, she is proudly posing and showing her beauty every step of her way. After all, every eye loves to see beautiful things and people and to admire them.

Trick Shots

Have you seen some of her YouTube videos where Paige Spiranac is performing trick shots? We can recommend the video titled: ‘How to Hit Sand Shots on the Golf Course’ where we can see her giving recommendations on how to make a perfect shot.

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Since she is talking from her personal experience, these pieces of advice might not be good for other golf players. After all, every player has his own secrets. Maybe she is just trying to trick the competitors. What do you think?

Comic Books

Believe it or not, Paige Spiranac is a big fan of comic books. From time to time, you can see her wearing some outfit with comic book characters on it. For example, there are pictures on the Internet where she wears shirts with Iron Man and Wonder Woman details.

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Maybe she sees herself as a hero and that’s why she loves those hero stories. After all, she fights for women’s rights and proudly wears her beauty armor despite all the cyberbullying she experiences.

2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Back in 2018, Paige Spiranac was one of the girls who had the honor to be on the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Her sports achievements and her natural beauty gave her this opportunity which many girls can only dream about.

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Have you seen her photo from the aforementioned edition? Did you like it? I personally think she had far better photos to be used in that publication but I guess the editors had their own visions to fulfill.

The YouTube Channel

If you are subscribed to her YouTube channel, then you probably know that she doesn’t only give golfing pieces of advice but she also expresses her opinion on various topics ranging from culture and politics to science and religion.

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It is rather interesting to hear her opinion of the current events worldwide but also to admire her mental strength and personality. If you would like to hear her thoughts on current events, you could also listen to her weekly podcasts.

Golf Lessons

If Paige was a golf tutor, would you attend her classes? Actually, she does give online lessons but unfortunately, only through her YouTube channel. You could watch all of her videos there but that probably won’t make you any good if you don’t go out there and hit that ball by yourself.

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Her YouTube golf tips are sometimes in-depth and professional but she also talks about some golfing basics, so even a complete layman could make use of her YouTube lessons.

The Origins

Do you know where Paige Spiranac comes from? You probably never heard of this Spiranac surname before, so you can probably guess she came from outside of the USA, maybe Europe? Well, both YES and NO.

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Paige was born in the USA, Colorado, in 1993, but her ancestors are originally from Croatia. Do you know where Croatia is? Yes, it is in Europe. Croatia is a small country in the Balkans, Europe. Still, Paige has been living in the USA since the day she was born and Croatia is mentioned only in one place in her biography and that is related to her grandparents.

Her Parents

Luckily enough, Paige Spiranac got all the great genes from her parents. Her father was a sportsman – a football player – and her mother was a professional ballerina. Apparently, destiny decided to combine these two groups of sports genes and give Paige the best combination of the two.


Paige has an older sister who is an athlete. She was also studying at the university under an athletic scholarship, so it seems that both of them were very lucky to get the best genes and also the best scholarships.

Bitter Ending With Hopes for a New Begining

Life always brings challenges and tough times, even for someone as picture-perfect as Paige. In 2018 she met who she thought was the man of her dreams, Steven Tinoco. The couple got married, and Paige decided to keep the marriage secret. She described it in an interview, saying “I think before, I kept my private life so private … I almost felt like I was hiding it in a way.”

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The marriage didn’t last long, and the couple divorced in 2022, which proved to be especially hard for Paige as she stated later that “[she] wasn’t married for very long, and I think that when I initially got divorced, I said I will never get married ever again.” However, she later revealed that she does indeed plan on getting married again and that she believes in “love marriage and soulmates.” Our hearts go to you Paige!

Wheat Ridge

Paige Spiranac’s family lived in Wheat Ridge, Colorado when she was born. This is a western suburb of Denver from where they later moved to Monument, Colorado. She actually went to school and grew up in Monument, Colorado.

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In Monument, Colorado, Paige started her gymnast career but later decided to turn to golf.  Even though she was actually great at gymnastics, her love for golf was greater. She even got an invitation from the famous gymnastics training center in the USA – Bela Karolyi Ranch – but decided to turn it down.

Golf Over Gymnastics

When reporters during interviews asked her about the motives for turning down the invitation from the great training center, she mentioned she did it because of the bullying. She wanted to be away from people, somewhere alone in the fields, and golf was the best sport for that.

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It must have been really difficult for Paige at the time since she was a beautiful young girl who couldn’t understand why anyone wanted to harass her. She simply wanted to have someplace to focus on the sport she loved but it seemed that some people enjoyed destroying her self-respect.

The Rankings

After high school in Monument, Colorado, Paige went to the University in Scottsdale, Arizona. She decided to commute to the University daily so that she could train golf in her hometown. This turned out to be a fruitful decision.

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When she was still at the beginning of her golfing career Paige won five tournaments on the junior golf circuit in Colorado. She also won the 2010 CWGA Junior Stroke Play and earned a place in all the golf-playing rankings.

The Shift

It seems that the University of Arizona didn’t satisfy Paige’s expectations, so she decided to replace it with a better one. The sophomore college year saw her at the University of San Diego where, in the end, she got her diploma.

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At the Arizona University, Paige participated only in three events – the Wildcat Invitational (2011-2012), the Windy City Intercollegiate (2011-2012), and the PAC-12/SEC Challenge (2011-2012). The next season at her new University, she was already collecting honors. Among other achievements, Paige got sixth place at the Mountain West Championship.

Season 2012-2013

In this season, while at the University of San Diego, she also won First-Team All-Mountain West honors, which is a huge achievement in her sport. Apart from this honor, she also got a fifth-place finish at the Cal Classic and nineteenth at the NCAA Central Regional Championships.


Probably never again was she able to repeat so many great achievements within one season, but maybe she wasn’t trying so much. Later on, she was more focused on her online appearance and popularity rather than golf achievements.

Season 2013-2014

After graduation, Paige went on to achieve amazing results in sport. With the Aztecs, she won Second-Team All-Mountain West Honors and was in the top ten finish at the Mountain West Championship. Awesome, right?

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The Aztecs got their first Mountain West Conference Championship thanks to Paige Spiranac and she was overjoyed. She describes this period of her life as the happiest one but we assume there will be many more great moments in the days to come. After all, she is only 27 years old.

The Colorado Women’s Golf Association Match Play Championship

The Colorado Golf Association had its 100th championship in July 2015 at Raccoon Creek Golf Course. Paige was playing against Brittany Fan from the University of Colorado Boulder. Their duel was a 35-hole title match and Spiranac ended it nine holes under par.

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After these impressive achievements, Paige went on to pursue her professional golf career but at the same time, her popularity grew. One of the reasons for that is probably the recommendation the website ‘Total Frat Move’ gave to their readers. They told them to start following Paige Spiranac on YouTube and Instagram to learn her tricks.

Paige the Influencer

After the website Total Frat Move recommended Paige as a great golf mentor, the network of her followers grew from 10,000 to 100,000 within a few days. Today, Paige has more than two million followers on Instagram and a few hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube and her network continues to grow.

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Today, when she is a professional golfer, she has many sponsors who support her financially. It seems that these days she doesn’t really have to try hard to get some amazing golf results, but it is enough to be an online golf coach and to promote the products she gets and she is happy with it.

The Omega Dubai Ladies Classic

Back in 2015, she participated in the Omega Dubai Ladies Classic tournament. She didn’t get any exceptional results there, what is more, she even missed the cut but that tournament wasn’t a complete disappointment for her since Paige got huge media attention back then.

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After the Omega Dubai Ladies Classic tournament 2015, the number of sponsors who were interested in working with her grew immensely. Because of her frequent media presence where she promotes various brands, many people have the impression that she is only pretending to play golf and that she is actually an actress.

The Cactus Tour

Back in 2016, Paige played on the Cactus Tour, which is a golf tour for women. That year, she won the prize worth $8,010 and she was called to come again the following year.

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The same year, 2016, she also participated in CoBank Colorado Women’s Open, where she won the prize worth $1,750 and got ninth at one-under-par. Still, not many times did she get a lot of money playing golf. There were times when her prizes were worth only $100.

Her First Cactus Tour

We have already mentioned that in 2016 Paige won $8,010 at the cactus Tour but that was not her first Cactus Tour. Actually, when she debuted on the Cactus Tour, her prize was worth only $100 even though the total prize budget was worth $12,080 that year.

Paige Spiranac/IG

Probably, that was the time Paige realized she should look for some sponsors if she wanted to get rich. After all, she is not playing golf for money, but for pleasure. She likes spending time in nature, alone, listening to birds singing…

Amateur vs. Professional

When we are talking about professional sport, we are referring to the tournaments or games in which the competitors, that is players get a lot of money. On the other hand, there are amateur sports where there is a small prize or no money at all. Everyone wants to be a professional sportsman but not many people get to win the tournaments.

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Basically, you have to be really good at sports at some point, to be able to win, to get the prize. The moment when Paige Spiranac became a professional golfer is when she won a big prize and that was on her Cactus Tour 2016.

The Sponsors

In her professional career, which basically started in 2016, Paige has been a promoter of many brands. Her famous sponsors have been 18Birdies, Philip Stein Watches, Mizzen + Main, and Cybersmile. Since she is a beautiful girl, many magazines, both online and paper ones, have been interested in featuring her pictures.

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From time to time, we can see Paige’s photos in magazines like Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Paige is also writing a column for Golf Magazine, so we can learn about her experience from her own words.

Back to Her Childhood

When she talks or writes about her childhood she always mentions the bullying. It seems that bullying has made her the person she is today. As a child, she had a problem with her hair. Her haircut was always short because her hair was growing slowly and it was very thin.

Paige Spiranac/IG

The boys often found her as a target, so they were throwing stones at her in school, pasting bubble gums in her hair, and similar actions that made her hate herself. All in all, Paige was a skinny, shy schoolgirl with thin hair.

Bullying Continues

When you see her pictures today, it is difficult to believe that at one point in her life she was an ‘ugly duckling’ bullied by her school peers. Like her own insecurity wasn’t enough to make her life difficult at the time.

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When you listen to her interviews in which she talks about her childhood, you can often see her crying. It seems that the wounds from her childhood have never healed. Still, she doesn’t only cry because of her childhood bullying but also because of the cyberbullying she experiences today.

Not Ashamed

Often at interviews and live conferences, she doesn’t prevent herself from crying when reporters ask her about bullying. She even says that she wants her followers to see there is nothing to be ashamed of when you feel like crying – just do it whenever you feel the need to cry.

Paige Spiranac/IG

Spiranac also points out that she wants her online bullies to see what damage they cause with their cruel and malicious comments. Still, many other bullied personalities would say that showing your emotions in front of the cameras is wrong since some bullies feed on your pain…

Why Does She Love Golf?

When people ask Paige Spiranac why does she love golf so much, her answers are really simple. She claims that whenever she goes through a stressful or a bad day, nature is always there for her to give her comfort.

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Paige underlines the fact that the peacefulness of the golf course gives her valuable peace of mind and enables her to forget about the bad things and simply enjoy nature. She prefers to go to the golf field early in the morning when no one is there and to drink her first coffee or tea while observing the beautiful and peaceful greenery.


Paige Spiranac likes to spend her free time paintballing. She has a group of friends who share the same passion for paintballing and they often go out to the fields and have fun together.

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Paige and her friends also share the same passion for rock climbing and trampoline jumping. It seems that a little bit of adrenaline push is necessary for Paige after a day at the golf course. She also visits the gym two times a day and reads comic books in the evening.


Surprisingly, Paige Spiranac hates mini-golf because she is not good at it. Even though the rules are similar, it seems that the mini-golf course doesn’t give her the confidence she gets from the big golf field. Maybe that is because, at the mini-golf courses, there are often many people watching and playing and for her, it is difficult to concentrate under those circumstances.

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After all, she did start playing golf because of nature itself and because the greenery relaxes her and gives her the possibility to concentrate and forget about the problems.

Role Models

Paige Spiranac sees Stacy Lewis as her role model. Stacy is a professional golfer, too. Spiranac admires her skills and says she would love to be faced with her in a tournament if she decides to compete again in the future.

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Paige’s other role model is Ronda Rousey, a professional wrestler. She likes Ronda because she looks great in a dress but at the same time, she is capable of beating up anyone who comes in her way.

The End of Tournaments

Even though Spiranac’s golfing career is still at the beginning, she decided to take a step back and stay out of the tournaments. According to her words, tournaments are stressful and she did start playing golf in the first place to run away from all the daily stress.

Paige Spiranac/IG