Gina Anderson was left with a big hole in her face after filler failure – this is her today, 4 years later

These days, altering aspects of one’s face, such as lips, nose, cheeks, or forehead, is pretty common. It’s easy to access, and many so-called specialists operate within the plastic surgery business.

However, they’re not all legit, and it’s vitally important, that one always go to a real doctor who knows what they are doing. That’s something Gina Anderson from Oregon realized, but sadly too late.

Anderson – a neurologist – wanted to “look better” upon turning 40, and decided to tweak some things. A colleague helped her with cosmetic fillers, only for things to take a horrific turn years later. Gina ended up with giant inflammation under her right eye, and it transpired that she’d been injected with silicone. The problem only grew, until Anderson was left with a gaping hole in her cheek.