Demi Lovato’s Chilling ‘Still Alive’ Music Video

In her latest music video, Demi Lovato goes up against a formidable foe: Ghostface.

Released for the soundtrack of the upcoming film Scream VI, Demi’s new song, Still Alive, features a spine-chilling video, which was released earlier today.

The Video Follows A Narrative Similar To A Horror Movie

In the video, Lovato, clad in black leather, gives tickets to a concierge.

Demi brings some friends to an old-fashioned theater, seemingly to attend a private screening of Scream VI.

All The While, Lovato Sings About Surviving Her Demons

A clip of Lovato singing in front of a large chandelier.

Demi, who has had her fair share of health scares and tragedies in the past, sings about perseverance in the pop-rock song. Lyrics include, “I’m still alive. I don’t want to just survive. Give me something to sink all my teeth in. Eat the devil and spit out my demons.”