Chrissy Teigen Shares Beautiful First Picture of Baby Esti’s Face

A few weeks after John Legend and Chrissy Teigen became parents of three, fans have finally gotten a glimpse of the newborn Esti’s face. Chrissy shared the up-close photo on social media, and fans loved it. Here are the details.

Chrissy Shares The Picture On Instagram

Chrissy Tiegen's new baby

On January 24, the American supermodel took to her Instagram page to share an adorable picture of her newborn daughter, Esti Maxine Stephens, with her over 40 million Instagram followers.

Details Of The Post

The snapshot featured the infant looking cute while wrapped in a gray blanket. It was a mother-daughter bonding moment as Chrissy cradled her bundle of joy, who rested her head onto her own arm. The mom of three added the caption, “look at u out here lookin like a baby.”