Blake Lively’s Pregnancy Glow Can’t Cover Up Her Workout Struggles

Blake Lively’s bun in the oven is growing every day and getting bigger. In her latest social media update, the Hollywood actress shared a hilarious post showing her pregnancy progress compared to her workout lifestyle. The Gossip Girl alum looked as stunning as always while rocking her pregnancy glow.

Lively Is Rocking Her Pregnancy Glow

While pregnancy looks great on Blake Lively, and there is no doubt that she is doing great while preparing for her baby’s arrival, one can’t say the same for her workout routine. The star actress joked about how her routine wasn’t yielding results as her bump grew bigger. She shared a photo collage on Instagram, displaying the difference in her pre-baby and pregnancy body. Both of Lively’s photos were taken in a similar fashion such that she rocked a two-piece gym wear in both snaps.